Found #11 Made In Australia

This week I decided to feature Australian made special-ness for Found. I try really hard to buy local, so here's a list for my Aussie readers of some gorgeous items made right here! With LOVE!

These super cute heart earrings are made by Annie at Cherish. I have an amazing toadstool brooch from Cherish, which I've worn here and here. She's a lovely lady and she makes the best stuff!

How adorable is this bubble wand from Parliament of Two?!! I'm a big fan of bubbles, so this suits me just fine. Such a cute idea, you should check out their shop for other amazing items, including some pretty cool illustration based brooches.

These limited run brooches from Pannikin are handmade in Brisbane and are oh-so-sweet. They are made from wood and painted by hand. I love "Kit"!
via: Pannikin

More beautiful designs from Sydney this time, I adore this lace collar! The special beads on the end really make it! Ginny and Judes has a whole variety of items in their etsy store :) Lovely.

Now for some photography. This is my friend, Aletheia's work. She is one of the best photographers I know, and one day I hope she will shoot our portraits (when she's not living it up in London!) I worked with Aletheia for a time, and since then she's gone on to shoot some amazing photojournalism across the world. I've shown you her Australian work here, but check out her site for photographs from Iran, Italy and many other places in between. Hooray for talented Australians :)

Through Aletheia's work, I discovered the website Light Journeys which exhibits Australian Women photographers. These images are from Natalie Grono. There's lots of talented ladies out here! (and guys too of course!)

My favorite Australian music certainly must deserve a mention as well right? And it would be accurate to say one of my favorite band full stop. I'm not clutching at Aussie themed straws here. These guys are awesome. Oh, I forgot to tell you their name: The Drones. Don't you be forgetting it. Perhaps a little heavy for some tastes, but they have a mixture of more folk-style songs to full on Australian punk-ness. All sung with an unashamed Aussie accent. If the Drones is a little full-on try the singer, Gareth Liddiard on his own, with his acoustic guitar. No less heavy hitting, he sings it like he means it and the lyrics are incredible.
photo by C.

I hope you enjoyed my Made In Australia FOUND! Buy Local kids :) 
Kitty xo