Found #12 Decor From My Childhood

I thought it would be fun this week to reminisce about the decor and vibe from my house when I was little! It's amazing how many items I could find that my mom and dad owned in the eighties! I wonder if they still have all of this? My dad' garage is like a treasure trove, I bet there's some in there!

On a side note. I'm not sure whether you guys really love pretty new dresses and shoes etc being featured in found, but I am finding it SO much more inspiring to give myself a theme and run with it. And I'm kind of feeling the socially conscious buy local/vintage theme right now (always!) so I hope you don't mind. I don't get a lot of internet browsing time, so looking at clothes for the sake of finding something cute to show was wearing me out (and tempting my wallet)

With no further ado, welcome to the (mostly kitchen) decor of my childhood!

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I hope you enjoyed my tour down memory lane!