Photo A Day #70 Maine Part 1

It's about time for some more photographs from the USA, it's been awhile since I posted some. As you can see from the top image, we are now in Maine. Another out-the-window shot of a state marker by C, who somehow manages to get these in focus while I'm driving at 70mph down the freeway. I'm not sure why this Maine one doesn't have a catchphrase like the other states, but I think it might be because we were on a more isolated road and not the interstate this time.

Now that's a daunting task. We drove along this road for what seemed like forever, on our way to Rangeley, Maine, right up in the north near Canada. We were hoping to drop into the Wilhelm Reich Museum, but unfortunately it was closed for the period of our trip, so we missed out.

Once we were in Rangeley, we drove up and down the main street a couple of times trying to decide where to stay. There was a nice old house B+B, but we ended up deciding on the motel which backed onto the lake. We had a lovely view of the lake from the back window, though it rained the whole time we were there. The lady at the front desk leaned over conspiratorially when we checked in and said "I'm going to put you in room 8, it's a special room" I really didn't know what to make of her comment, until she pulled out some pictures of the room and explained that "If you feel like you're being watched while you're in the bathroom, don't worry, it's just Jesus on the door." Riiiight, I'm going to be sleeping in a room where Jesus watches me using the bathroom. That's just brilliant.

Of course we took our own photograph of the Jesus on the door. C pointed out that perhaps Jesus looked a bit more like Chewbacca than Jesus. I tend to agree.

Chewie, is that you?