Photo A Day #72 White-Out

Today's photo is an outtake from my Black Jeans Red Shoes post. Because C was using his new camera for the first time, there were some hiccups with regard to what you see and what you get (my camera doesn't have a viewfinder, only a screen, so we were accustomed to seeing the exact result of your shot and forgot that this camera was on manual and not set correctly) Anyway, the effect is pretty cool. I did add some colour and design elements in photoshop. Obviously there aren't 2 of me either. It's three photos merged together ;) I like it how it looks like we are levitating.

I've been thinking lately about my blogging goals, I was actually intending on doing an April highlights and telling you about my plans for May, but to be honest, I haven't had the time. What I'd really like to do is sit down and get back into playing my bass, I'm very rusty. I need to get my Etsy shop organised, do some sewing, (I'm itching to start my "Bombshell Dress" that I have the pattern for), and work on the blog some more. I'm brimming with ideas for DIY/Tutorial projects, outfit posts, book reviews and giveaways. It all takes planning though and at the moment I find I'm living day-to-day with no time for thoughts and plans.

I'm considering whether or not to stop my photo-a-days in lieu of other posts. I quite like writing about my thoughts, which the photo-a-day provides a good platform for, but I suppose my thoughts can be expressed anywhere! I'll probably still take a photo-a-day anyway, I use instagram (@kittyandbuck) and tumblr to post my more 'everyday' shots. And I'd probably keep posting my photo-a-days (photo of the day?!) for special pictures, like my travel series or events I attend. I don't want to bombard you with 3 posts a day, it's way too much, but it's getting that way to fit everything in! What do you guys think? Do you like the photo-a-days, or should I sacrifice them for less posts > more content? I'd like to hear what you think, so leave me your comments below :)