Photo A Day #74 Market Day

Today I was planning on heading out to the antique market that I wrote about here and here, it's only on once a month. Unfortunately my thrifting partner was a bit under the weather, but it turned out well as I found it was market day in my town!

 I've been after a small rug/shawl/throw to take to work so that I can have a nanna blanket in the air conditioning, because I'm a wuss and get cold easily. I've been looking but everything I've found was overpriced and not quite right anyway. So I found this gorgeous crocheted blanket and bought it from the lady who had made it. That is always the best in my opinion! How great are the colors? And it's super-duper snuggly. I'm wearing it right now ;)

I also came across a jewelry stand that had lots and lots of cute rings. I chose these two. I'm also wearing them right now. I'm just like a little kid when it comes to new things, I have to put them on right away! I've been known to put things on in the actual shop and wear them out...

Finally, I finished my sewing project for the weekend, which was a nice cushion for my bed. It came out pretty well, I just need to stitch it's twin together then I'm all done! C and I rented a video game and a couple of movies as well, so I'm going to play the game for a bit and then give "Norwegian Wood" a go. The girl in the video store 'warned' us that it was in Japanese. I can just imagine the complaints she has received... "You didn't tell me this was a foreign film!!" Haha.
I hope you enjoy what's left of the weekend :)