Photo A Day #75 Maine Part 2

After we left Rangeley, we headed out to the coast via Bangor. I love this forlorn shopping trolley under the instant loser? billboard. I feel sad for the people that see that and want to read on. I thought advertising was supposed to make you feel valuable, warm and fuzzy and spend-y. Ah well, guess I had it wrong...

We stopped by this great antique market, it was pretty huge, but at this point I had only two things on my mind. 1.) "How will I fit this dining setting into my suitcase?" 2.) "Oh boy, there is about $30 worth of blueberries on my slice of blueberry cobbler." I should explain, in Australia, or at least Sydney, berries are expensive! I was in berry heaven in the states!! So many varieties! So cheap! Organic! Plentiful!! mmmm... We're lucky if we can scrounge strawberries and blueberries here. And the occasional $7.99 punnet of raspberries. Oh how I miss your sweet berries America. *snaps out of berry dream*

Gosh, sorry about that. The other highlight of Bangor was driving past Stephen King's home, completely not on purpose (I swear) It was kinda cool as I used to read Stephen King a lot when I was in roll call (homeroom?) and IT was one of those films that truly scared me. I couldn't go near a drain for weeks. And let's be honest, I still get the odd tinge even now ;o

As you may be able to guess from the above pictures, we are at a Lobster Dining establishment. This is in Portland Maine after we braved the most torrential rainstorm I think I have ever driven in. A rudder would have helped my car at this point. As you might be able to tell from the look on my face, I wasn't happy. It's really stressful driving on the 'wrong' side of the road, and we'd just driven around 300 miles, been confronted with a massive storm, and unable to find accommodation. Luckily our dear GPS pointed us to a Bed and Breakfast in Portland and we got a room (barely) before they closed. So then poor C dragged my butt out to dinner and made me have my photo taken with the lobster buzzer. Ah the hilarity. After dinner and an ice cream though, I was all better :)

The following day we wandered about Portland and found some great stores for thrifting. As you probably know by now, I got one of my favorite summer shoes here (I've worn them here and here and even here.) We stumbled across this awesome Stephen King mural in a back street. I simply HAD to make Tony talk through my finger (there's a pretty big clue there as to who Tony is, but if you guys don't know, well... hm. Bonus points to who can tell me) I love the goofy look on my face as I say "Redrum" in a creaky voice. See? I'm feeling all better! (And I'm all matchy with the wall! Also not planned!!)