Photo A Day #77 Cape Cod

Well, as you may be able to tell, after venturing North for awhile, we are now on the road to Miami! (It's still a ways to go yet) I finally made it to Massachusetts. The state features in so many books and films, I had this picture of what it would be like. I was also dying to see collections of shingled houses! Massachusetts Welcomes You :)

We stayed in a town called Sandwich in Cape Cod, in preparation for our ferry ride to Nantucket the following day. This is us in our motel room attempting to photograph ourselves in the mirror. This one came out after a few false starts, we were intentionally doing toothy grins, but I love how we're both looking at the camera thinking "Is is working?" hehehee. Our motel was lovely, it was quite funny, out the window beside C was a graveyard. We got the room with a view!

We had dinner by the water in Sandwich, there was a beautiful sunset and C snapped this great picture of an albatross. I wish we had more time in Cape Cod, somehow it turned into a fly-by trip, and I missed a few things I really, really wanted to do. Next time, I am DEFINITELY going to Edward Gorey's house. I actually forgot it was in Cape Cod until we were maybe in Virginia. There was some forehead slapping going on, let me tell you.

The following morning, we caught the ferry to Nantucket. We were both super excited to see all of the sights and soak up some maritime history, and perhaps get some Herman Melville action in. Let me tell you, we had an interesting time. Nantucket was not what I expected at all. But that is for next time. For now, enjoy these Nantucket residents, who at this point were by far the best thing we had seen on the island.

One of the best things on our trip was C managing to adapt the local accent and vernacular everywhere we went. In Cape Cod he had a very convincing Jack Kennedy accent. I was mortified, but to my surprise, he held up quite a good debate with a local about the Red Sox (in his put-on accent) and they didn't bat an eyelid.