Photo A Day #81 Dark Shadows of My Memory

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. I had a really busy day visiting my mother, her mother and C's Mother amongst other things! We took a mom to see Dark Shadows at the movies and it reminded me to look up my photo of the Dark Shadows house (from the original - and still the best - TV series). When we were in Rhode Island (coming up very soon in the travel photos!) we took some pictures along the coastline of Newport, in the drizzling rain.

I was certain that this was the Dark Shadows house form the original TV series. But in the dark shadows of my memory, I was mistaken. I think we aborted the mission before we photographed the Dark Shadows house due to the freezing drizzle on the clifftops. So here's me in front of a grand mansion that looks very similar to the Dark Shadows mansion, but alas is not THE one. I might keep pretending that I've been there, can you guys keep a secret? Otherwise Barnabas might come for you ;)