Photo A Day #86 At Work - In the Radio Show Hall

Today I had a film shoot for work, so I thought I'd share a couple of images, in case you're interested in my 'real' job ;) All of the regular studios were unavailable, so we set up a temporary lighting and green screen shoot in the radio hall. I like the fact that the radio shows still get recorded in here, as well as orchestral recordings. I'd like to imagine Orson Welles recording some radio shows in here! There were a few instruments around, including 2 (!) Grand Pianos. I really wanted to try them out, but I also think I'd like to keep my job!

I did inspect this little organ however, it looks really cool on the inside! It had nice black keys as well, but I couldn't open it up to inspect further. I had to make sure that the podium we were filming was putting in a good performance :) (We did shoot a real-life person as well, but I imagine there's some kind of confidentiality involved so I won't give you more details... It wasn't THAT exciting, you're not missing anything)

My job will come into play next week when I need to take all the footage, composite it together into a believable "scene" and add some animated elements/lights/camera moves etc. I won't bore you with the technical details, let's just call it television magic! That's my 'day' job.