Photo A Day #91 Show 'n' Sell Markets

Hello! I hope you're having a swell day :) My photo (s) (it's rarely just one, now, is it?) today are from the Sydney Etsy Team's Show 'n' Sell Markets that I popped in to see tonight. It was a sardine-can packed an intimate occasion. There were a few really cute stalls, unfortunately it was a bit hard to get a good look without being jostled, but I spotted some sweet pickings while inside!

Also, remember those awesome tights I featured here? Well, I had the pleasure of meeting Penny who designs and creates these lovely tights (she is a sweet gal!) and flipping through her fabric print sample book like a crazy lady! All the designs are so cute... and she has CAT print tights... shhh... I don't want them to sell out... they're ALL MINE!

1. Penny of Uptights (cute sparkly collar!) // 2. (and 3.) Uptights stand amidst hordes of people
3. Browsers (the shopping kind, not the Firefox kind) // 4. The room with the bar that was virtually impossible to enter!

I wish I could have stayed longer for the free BBQ (do you think they had Soysauges?) and lucky door prize (I really wish I could have stayed for the lucky door prize!!) But unfortunately, after driving around for about 30 minutes, I gave up on street parking and opted for the $9 per 30 minute parking station that smelled like a urinal. I did not want to leave my car there too long, and you know, I'm a tightwad and spending that much on parking just KILLS me! But I had a great time, and it looks like the night was a success. I'm imagining next time, there may be a bigger venue, and I'd love to go along again :)

My car was safe n sound right where I left it. Unfortunately C and I got trapped in the blue-light urinal disco stairwell and almost had to axe the door down like Jack Nicholson. We found one door (out of about 15) that opened and burst out into a dodgy dark alley covered in broken glass. We made it back, after many trials and derring-do. Ah Sydney... you're fun!