Photo A Day #93 I Fell Over

You know sometimes you have one of those days? Work was busy, meals were delayed so much as to be counted as skipped. I was supposed to go to the VIVID Festival Opening Night, where they light the sails of the Opera House with beautiful projections. I chickened out because it was freezing cold today and I didn't fancy standing around on the open foreshore of Sydney Harbor craning at lights. I opted for the "straight home, order pizza and play Little Big Planet 2" plan.

As I was leaving the train station, I slipped on the sidewalk and flipped a 180, landing on my butt, then flat out on the pavement. A pregnant lady had to help me up. Aside from bruised pride, I managed to scrape the whole side off my shoe, bump and tear my right ankle, left bum and leg, hurt my back and scraped my left hand. So now I'm pretty sore and sorry for myself and thinking that my grand plan of body combat at the gym tomorrow morning may not actually happen. I needed to cheer myself up, so I put on my special socks.

The trick is, you put on the hairy leg socks, and wear your jeans like knickerbockers. After that, everything seems a little silly. I got these socks in Melbourne, but they are from Japan. (of course, just about all quirky awesome things are from Japan) When I bought them, I thought they were just cute pink socks with little sprinkle patterns on them. When I opened the packet, I realised they had toes. THEN I realised that the sprinkles were, in fact, hairy legs!! Just. Awesome.

I hope your Friday is going better than mine. Tread carefully and have a great weekend!