Photo A Day #99 A Very Special Delivery

I've been waiting for a special package in the mail and it has finally arrived!

I figured since I do animation for my job, I couldn't get up to #100 photo-a-days without having an animated gif! It isn't the best animation I've ever done! But it's making me giggle, so up it goes for the world to see and judge ;)

The contents of the box before Maggie and Nico hopped in was my brand new camera bag from Jo Totes! I've been wanted a 'proper' camera bag for ages, one which eliminate the need for me to carry two bags all the time. So now, I am armed with my camera at all times. Expect photo-taking galore! I've been set free :)

I hope your week is going well, I'm counting the days until my Etsy conference. Hopefully I will see some new faces and meet some nice people there. Oh, and learn lots of good skills for selling on etsy. Two more sleeps!