What I Wore - Black Jeans Red Shoes

It was so windy when we took these pictures, the only people out and about were the rock fisherman you see in the background and a few unstoppable joggers. And C and I. These are the first photos on his new camera, and we had a false start with some over-exposures, but soon figured out how to control all the settings! It's pretty different going from the little micro 4/3 to a big ol' Nikon!

I love this belt. It was a gift to C's mom from his dad back in 1990 (it's engraved, so I know the date!) and now it belongs to me. I try not to wear it too much so that it lasts another 20 years at least. It's really beautiful, I love the Tucson aesthetic.

I got this scarf with the intention of making a cushion cover out of it, as it has a beautiful big yellow rose on a deep blue background that is really striking. But I suppose until I get around to that, I can wear it as it was intended right?

The shoes! Oh yes, I bet you want to know about these shoes! They are so wacky! I have no idea where they are from originally, but I'm guessing they might be a European take on Thriller? They are a little wide for my feet, but they are super comfortable. It's a bit hard to see in the pictures, but the metal part is one of those expandable springy bracelets. I'd have loved to see the person who originally wore these, and what they wore them with... a bubble skirt with a leather jacket? Leather pants and a lace crop top? The possibilities are endless. I think that is one of my favourite things about vintage clothes, and any old items, is wondering who loved them before you did.

All photographs by C

Shirt // Modcloth (old)
Shoes // Thrifted - Sydney, Australia
Scarf // Thrifted - Sydney, Australia
Belt // Vintage (Gift) - Tucson, Arizona
Studded Bag // Urban Outfitters
The usually usual ring ensemble:
Skull Ring // Japan
Octopus Ring // OctopusMe
Cathedral Ring // Metal Couture Jewelry