What I Wore - Concrete and Hearts

How lovely does the green grass look against the concrete? It's a great location for a shoot, and even more special because my Opa built this structure! It's a reservoir and he was involved in it's construction when he worked at the Water Board after moving to Australia from Germany in the mid 1950's. My father was born in Germany, and even though I lived in London for a time, I've never been! It's on list of places to see, I'd love to visit some relatives and see where my dad was born.

I know, I'm looking at myself with a hint of disapproval... What are you doing? Well, I'm enjoying the wind!

In case you're wondering, it's 5 seconds.

I'm looking pretty pleased with myself because I somehow matched the shade of my tights to my dress exactly, even though I didn't think about them matching each other when I bought them, and actually didn't notice until the day I put them together just how good they matched!This dress is lovely, though I think I should perhaps give it a little static spray as it gets quite clingy, especially in the wind! I love the collar on it, and the little matching belt, and of course, the lovehearts are so sweet :)

Dress // Modcloth
Coat // Modcloth
Tights // We Love Colors
Shoes // Thrifted
Hourglass Necklace // Jessica-t from Found (gift)