What I Wore - Geometry and Pinter

T-Shirt // Old, from the mall? You can get similar 'burnout' tees anywhere
Skirt // Tokito
Belt // (came with skirt)
Tights // We Love Colors
Necklace // c/o Jessica-T
Skull Ring // Japan

I've been wearing this outfit a lot lately, it's really great for work (I can get away with pretty much anything in my office, maybe other workplaces would require a more toned down tight ;)) The red coat always elicits "Little Red Riding Hood!" cries! What really makes the outfit is the amazing necklace! It's such a great piece, and I like how it stands out on a black tee. One thing, it's pretty hefty, so jumping in the air is not recommended! Unless you hang on to it... I found that out the hard way! Don't forget to enter the giveaway, with another great piece from Jessica-T. It's right.... there☟ Entries close in a couple of days!