Found #15 Handmade

Since attending the Etsy success talk last weekend, I'm all inspired to feature some hand made items for this weeks Found! I hope you enjoy, and support these businesses too, if you're into their work :)

via: Uimi

Uimi is a company in Melbourne that designs and manufactures everything in Australia using natural fibres. This throw/blanket is so lovely, it looks snuggly and perfect for the current weather in Sydney. They have a summer range too, for your Northern Hemispherians :)

via: Epheriell

The creator of these cuties is Jess, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Etsy event. She creates beautiful handmade silver jewelry up in Queensland. And she's a sweetheart to boot! Aren't these cloud earrings adorable?

Can you tell it's getting cold down under? I love this sweater from All Knitwear! The range is designed and created in house by Annie using her Brother knitting machine. I just love the colours and designs she comes up with.

How about a couple of DIY projects for you to make something at home?

These paper dot garlands featured as a DIY on Oh Happy Day are so cute! What a great simple way to dress up an afternoon tea or BBQ. Read Jordan's DIY instructions here. (I first saw this over at the beautiful blog Kate's Pencil Box)

How yummy-good are these cross-stitch cookies? The possibilities are endless, imagine all the great designs you could create in cookie-form? It's also dangerous because there's a recipe included on how to make Graham crackers... which I've never thought to look for... which means I can now have home-made S'mores!!!! I'm too excited about this, aren't I? (note: Graham Crackers do not exist in Australia)

Blog Post of the week:

As promised, I have a feature post for the week, this time from Kris Atomic. This is a really great post for all you phone-photo-takers and Instagram users out there. Kristina has created a comprehensive run down of a whole bunch of photography apps, dishing out the good, bad and the ugly. There's plenty of comparison pictures and advice to help you choose an app that will work for you. Say goodbye to boring Instagram filters! (now I just need to update my phone so I can install some - it's been awhile) You can find me on Instagram by the way @kittyandbuck

I hope you enjoyed Found this week and feel free to share some of your handmade faves in the comments below :)