Found #16

I can't believe it's Friday again! Time for some more goodies I've spotted in cyberspace this week, enjoy!

Miles of Road is a beautiful document of a road trip. Becca illustrates a gorgeous travel quote each week during the journey and digitizes and shares them on the blog. They are inspirational and beautiful!

The notification service on Modcloth informed me that these heels are back in stock. They are perfect! With a not-too-high heel, gorgeous peep toe, and let's not mention the color!! The T-Strap, the wraparound details, the texture!! I am SO tempted, but I'm trying to be good. Note: I don't care what anyone says, I would definitely wear these with clashing tights or socks. Even with the peep toe.

via: Modcloth

This beautiful origami letter paper is from a small business called Upon A Fold based in Sydney, Australia that stocks paper artistry from around the world. This product is from Japan and I love it! People should write more letters I think. I'm pretty sure I'd be beside myself if I received an origami blue panda-fox in the mail! (It's a panda-fox, right?)

This photography by Valerio Vincenzo is so stunning. More of my favorite isolated landscapes and mist :)

via: Booooooom

This web comic series by Mark Hamer is witty but so sad observations on the characters painted in the polaroids. If there are any video game nerds out there, this is on the Double Fine website, the brilliant minds behind Psychonauts. Does anyone else ever feel like this?

Blog post of the week
I have to admit, I am so far behind on my blog reading this week, it's not even funny. It's a distinct possibility I'm going to have to purge my bloglovin' feed because it's actually insurmountable. Anyway. Of all the blog posts I actually got around to reading, I couldn't decide, so I'm sharing two. Both great sewing projects actually.

Kate Gabrielle made this beautiful dress from a unicorn sheet! It's so pretty and I love how she's added the collar and belt, it looks great. I predict a worldwide shortage of vintage unicorn sheets this week.

Kate has made this great tote bag from a thrifted pillowcase. It's so pretty and so thrifty. There is a step by step DIY on her website so you can make your own. What are you waiting for?

via: See Kate Sew

I hope you enjoyed this week's Found!
Love, Kitty 

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