Found #17 Frosty Solstice

Maybe you guys in the northern part of this planet need some cooling down, but here in Sydney we're freezing! Since it was Winter Solstice this week, I thought I'd offer up a frosty Found this week. I never really wear white as I always seem to get a grass stain, mud, or food on it. The only white thing I feel brave enough to own is a cardigan, I can take it off when I make it filthy. So there's a bit of wearing white dreaming going on below.

How beautiful is this ring? It reminds me of a hunk of ice, so it's a fitting start :)

More beautiful frosty jewelry! This Drusy crystal is so pretty and chilly!
via: masaoms

I love the lionhead collar chain on this shirt, and the collar itself looks so nice and sharp against the lace.
via: asos

This dress from modcloth is great! I love the print and the cut as well, it would work equally well in summer or winter with a nice cropped sweater or woolly coat.
via: modcloth

These shoes are so sweet and are perfect for that ^ dress!
via: modcloth

My favorite thing about this new shoot for Topshop by Richard Nicoll is the tights and shoes! They are so pretty. I'm not 100% sure about the model, she looks a little glum for my liking! Her hair is so pretty against the pale backdrop though!

I get so excited when I find handmade shoes. I wish I had the skill to make my own shoes. Lucky for me, there's Marcue in Sydney!! Check out these shoes as well, they are incredible but don't match my winter theme... Oh boy, I am in love!
via: Marcue

I keep seeing beautiful handmade nail varnish for sale in America and it cannot be shipped to Australia. I even went into a wholesale beautician suppliers seeking out the raw materials to make some myself (the lady looked at me like I had two heads) I considered frankenstein-ing some out of glitter and plain nail varnish. But it seemed like a lot of trial and error and I actually have no idea if that's the method. Does anyone have any tips/tutorials? Anyhow. In the meantime, I've finally found some in Australia! Thanks Esty!

Blog Post of the week:
Amy from Vanagon Champion is running a "Summer of Self-Love" series here. I have a lot of thoughts on this issue that I won't go into right now, but I do believe that it's really important to accept yourself the way you are, and be the happiest, healthiest version of you!