Found #18 Sponsor Edition

It's a special Found this week. I thought that since we're wrapping up my first month of running a sponsor program on the blog, I'd say a very special thank you to my truly amazing sponsors by featuring a post from each of them from June! Please take the time to visit their sites and say howdy :)
(all images sourced from the respective blogs - with my text plates over the top - presented in random order)

Debbie posted about finishing her exams and shared some beautiful photos from her favorite time of year

Natasha took us on a trip around the world in 8 photos with her husband Kyle

Lauren explains why she loves Mondays

Happy First Anniversary to Bridget and her hubby! Bridget shares her beautiful memories from the past year

Melanie made a beautiful hair chain DIY

Violet shared a great photography tutorial on creating Bokeh panoramas

Squittle launched some new plush Octopii, including this cutie!

Vanessa celebrates her birthday and offers herself (and us!) some great advice!

Holly shares some summer shorts and super-cute photos!

Penny restocked some amazingly adorable sailboat print leggings

Chloe created a delightful travel journal for her guy and shared the DIY too :)

The Cat Protection Society will be on my sponsor list permanently. You can make a donation anytime here. Or if you're in Sydney and looking for a pet, consider adopting one from here, they have a no kill policy and are always looking for forever homes for kitties.

Liz has a great bunch of tips about moving as she prepares to move from Sydney to Tasmania

Cassie offers some great advice on living environmentally friendly

Anne posted stunning photos of a boat ride and illustrated this beautiful honey bee.

Manda posted a scrummy recipe for nutella filled sugar cookie cups! And she updated her blog design too, so check it out :)

Jessica-T have a great sale on, I love this cuff bracelet! I can't wait to see their spring/summer collection

Harley and Jane posted a recipe for some yummy chocolate cherry coconut granola. Mmmm.

Nat posted her first ever outfit post! She looks so pretty :D

Sorry I posted this quite late. It was lots of work, but I hope you like it! If you want to join these lovely sponsors in the Kitty & Buck sidebar, check this out.