June Goals

Goals are pretty important in life if you want to get anything done. It's all well and good to have goals, but writing them down increases your chances of achieving them by 1 billion%* So I decided to share my June goals with you, so you can keep track and whip me into shape if I steer off course.

Be more focused. I'm not 100% sure what this means. I think it means that I'd like to plan my posts more, and put a bit more thought into them. I'll still give you my stream of consciousness rant each day, but I'd also like to construct some more thoughtful posts that are helpful to you, my readers, and offer some kind of advice, inspiration or information beyond what thoughts pop into my head as I write my post!

Play my bass and grow my weird bass hand muscle back. Oh, and get good at scales again. Best to refresh the fundamentals before I get all fancy pants, it's been awhile. A warning to my neighbors: Practicing bass entails me singing along. Go get some earplugs ;)

Create some DIYs/Tutorials (more regularly) Since I work as a graphic designer, I have a pretty good grasp on Photoshop and Illustrator. I have also worked as an editor, camera (wo)man and animator (currently), so I have tonnes of experience in filming video, editing and making animations. Would you guys be interested in learning any of that stuff for Vlogging? Do you Vlog? Or would you prefer just the straight up Photoshop/Photography/Design tips? I am also a qualified bra fitter and barista in case you need help in those departments.

Shoot more outfit posts (at least one per week), which include some accessories or clothing items that I make myself. I have a new sewing machine, it must be put to use!
Open my Esty shop. I want to have this accomplished by the end of June, which means I need to make some stock. Like, now.

Re-establish my gym routine. Lately I've been a bit off the gym, making any excuse not to go. I have also been pretty busy, and missing my classes in favor of attending events that are happening in Sydney. I have the Sydney Film Festival going on for the next 2 weeks as well, so this goal might come into effect for the latter half of the month. Just because it's cold is no excuse Kitty!

What are your goals for June? I'd love to hear them, and remember, writing them down helps you to achieve them, so go ahead and share with me! I'll revisit these goals at the end of the month and I'll be brutally honest with you (and myself) about how well I have done in achieving them!

*If you're actually interested in statistics and goal-making tips, try here and here. Or here. I found those sites to qualify my comments, I couldn't locate the exact reference to the statistic I read, but I think it was a Harvard study and they didn't say 1 billion%, I made that part up ;)