Meet My June Sponsors

I am so excited to share my June sponsors with you all... here's you chance to get to know some of the lovelies from over there >>

My name is Violet and I blog over at Blythe Ponytail Parades, a compilation blog featuring my photography and progress with the business, food and crafts! Come on over if you enjoy vintage inspired photography, tutorials and DIYs, new decadent recipes or a load of inspiration to brighten your day!

One of the top ten things to do before I die would DEFINITELY be to go to Loch Ness in Scotland. It's been a dream of mine since childhood and it will just HAVE to come true some day…

Something that makes me smile is daydreaming. I do it often and it helps pass the time doing things I hate…. like working out! I just daydream the whole time about silly things and then I realize I've been running like a moron with a huge smile on my face and no one else knows why. Also cupcakes ;)

Lazy Explorers is where I share my outfits, DIY ideas, inspirations and adventures.

I really want to go on a big road trip. I want to travel to many different states and find the perfect one to settle down in.

Kind people make me smile. When I see someone doing something self-less for another person, that is when I smile.

My blog, Tastes Like Love, is where I share my daily adventures with my husband Luke & friends, fancy folk, my illustrations of cute girls and custom portraits and delightful things. I wear stockings and dresses everyday, love to go on movie and picnic dates with my husband, coffees at cafes, graphic design & illustration, home wares, live bands and vegetarian meals. Swing by and say hi!  
One of my top ten things to do in my life time is to achieve ultimate happiness through being a successful business owner, wife and baby momma with a French bulldog.  

Being married to my best friend in the whole world.

My blog is a hodge-podge of all the things that make me happy. For the most part, that includes fashion, beauty, geekery, recipes, self-care advice and pictures of kitties. 

I think that everyone should sing karaoke once before they die. It doesn't matter if you've got a voice like a dying squirrel, just get up there and give it a shot. Trust me, it's awesome.
What makes you smile?  There are so many things: kitty-hugs, my boyfriend, British comedy, finding an amazing second-hand treasure. Smile-inducing things are everywhere, you just have to open your eyes to them.

Uptights, limited edition quirkily elegant leggings and skirts, designed and individually handmade in Australia (with love) in my Sydney based studio. Ideal for yoga, office work, sun worship, theatre going, character flaunting and all things in between. Uptights focuses on designing uniquely inspiring prints which extend the realms of reality into kaleidoscope birds, pac-man grandpa pajamas and floating green eyed cats, to name just a few.

I've got a bit of the travel bug. Would love to say that I have visited, lived and experienced all seven continents of the world :-)

My adopted cat Toby who has one very large front tooth/fang LOL! And my partner Dave :-)

My Billie is a space where I aim to interact with interesting people and other creatives. I try not to put an emphasis on too much of any one thing, but you'll definitely find fashion DIYs, posts about my everyday life and words that are meant to be encouraging.

I'm reeeeally bad at sitting still, so one of my top goals in life is to literally go all over the place. I want to see, hear, touch, smell, taste and experience it all!

I'm kind of a smiley person in general. I smile at everything! I smile at air molecules sometimes when no one is around. But its typically because I'm in good company or remembering a good time that was had : )

Hello! I'm Holly Sweetman, I am a personal trainer by trade but every free second I have I put into my baby, my blog Scuttle. Scuttle is a fashion & lifestyle blog based in hot Atlanta that celebrates everything from fashion & shopping to travel & tasty food. It is a little mix-match of everything but with ALOT of fashion thrown in. I post about all the things that I love & that inspire me, whether that be Prada's line of car themed shoes or a tasty macaroon at a local bakery in Atlanta. My hope is to inspire others to live a life full of the art that we are surrounded with every day, the art that you eat & wear!

I'd like to write a book during my lifetime.

My puppies, a great book & office supplies (I may have a problem - I'm addicted to post-its & sharpies)

hi lovelies! it's a delight to be here. i'm bridget from the deer circus, a blog about a photographer (me) and a pharmacy student (my husband robbie), and our many adventures together. on the blog expect to see a lot about our little dates, our beagle & frenchie, diys, and anything that strikes our fancy. and while we're on the topic of things i fancy, here's a short list: ugly dogs, blanket forts, robbie dressed to the nines, shirley temples, bright lipstick, my nikon, valentine's day, thrifting, fondue, deer, daydreaming, snail mail, and peaches. my husband and I love sharing our dreams with one another too, and here's one of our big ones: roadtrip in an airstream trailer across america.

I'm 21 years old and going to school for photography/graphic design. I take a camera everywhere with me. I love retouching (CS6 + freelance retoucher) I'm known to change hair colors and collect wigs! Cephalopods are my favorite animal and I like to crochet them.

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And her name is..... *drum roll*..... Deborah! Oh yeah that's me, a full-time biology student, a born explorer, a of-everything-that-has-leaves-on lover, emotional with little but important thing-ies, a book and writing addict and many other things that you will discover as long as you come along with my blog!
Hi! My name is Natasha. I'm a Canadian, married to an American, who I met while living in South Korea. I love design, beautiful words, pretty clothes, pretty spaces, and pretty places. I'm an admirer of anyone who lives to create. After almost four years of living abroad and bouncing around, I now call Charlottesville, Virginia home. I live in a tiny but cozy apartment with my husband Kyle, a few guitars, and sadly no pets yet. Paper Crowns is a place where I post about things I love and things that inspire me.