Photo A Day #100 Hair Day

I got up at the crack of dawn this morning and witnessed the most beautiful pink sunrise. I really wanted to take photos! But I was running late (how unusual for me) and didn't want to miss my train. It's all up here though (tapping my head). After work I went to visit my lovely hairdresser, Clayton.

We had words last time about just how blonde my hair could be turned from a bright copper/red. This time I was a bit nicer to him and just got my brown roots redone and a cut! I should mention, my current hair colour was created with Clayton doing the base colour and the blonde highlights and letting me go wild at home with my crazy colours (in the blonde highlights). I put all the other colourful heads in the salon to shame with my 'rainbow vomit' hair haha!

I've been having my hair done by Clayton since he was a baby... well, an apprentice. He's really great and I was saying yesterday that if he ever moves, I have no idea who I'd get to do my hair. My spider senses must have been tingling, because tonight he told me he's moving! Not down the street, either. To London!! Nooo! I'm thinking a quick 36 hour pop over to London to get my hair done might not be on the cards. I have 2 more visits before he goes, and while I'm so sad to see him leave, I'm super excited for him, I used to live in London and I think he'll have the best time!