Photo A Day #105 Release The Bats

Tonight I attempted to enjoy the film Faust at the opening night of Sydney Film Festival. The theatre boy had other ideas though, so for the third time, I wandered in the rain and took in some more of the VIVID Sydney lights. As we were walking along Sydney Harbour, the nightly migration of bats flew overhead. It is such a beautiful sight to behold.

Here's me in front of the world's largest torch. On the red carpet. You can see how my hair behaves when it gets humid, rainy and windy. Illuminated by a torch halo for effect :)

I realised I have kind of made a June goal happen here... See my scarf? I made that guy, so I can say I've featured an outfit wearing something I've made! Don't worry, I'll do a 'proper' outfit post with this one, he's pretty special! My first ever knitting experiment. More blanket than scarf. Oh so toasty warm.

I hope you're having a swell week. Wish me better luck on Friday for the Aussie premiere of Wes Anderson's new film "Moonlight Kingdom" (eep!!)