Photo A Day # 108 Connecticut

Alright, confession time. When I was little (and actually, to this day) I loved reading. I'd go over to friend's houses for a play date, take a book and sit there and read. This made me extremely popular with the other kids ;) In grade school, we used to get a book club brochure and I always eagerly awaited it so I could beg my mum for the latest Babysitter's Club adventure. So pretty much one of the first places I knew about in America was Connecticut and I've always wanted to visit! So here we are...

The rainy weather continued in Connecticut, causing us to miss our first (and only) state marker. Well, as you can see did catch it, but it's wet and blurry. Connecticut was just as forested and pretty as I had imagined. We hadn't planned our accommodations for here, so we poked a finger on the map and picked a town that looked like a midpoint between our two destinations on either side. We landed in Torrington, at The Yankee Pedlar.

The angel sitting on the windowsill did cause me to double take when we arrived at our hotel. For a moment, I thought a child was falling out of the window. I bet they do that on purpose! (It's in the building next door to the car park out back of the hotel) Once we'd checked in, I thought I'd take a look on the internet to find out about the history of the hotel and town, and find out where to eat (I like to do this everywhere we stay so I can get a good feel for the place, and I'm nosy)

It turns out that the filmmaker Ti West had just finished filming a horror film about The Yankee Pedlar set in the Yankee Pedlar. Probably in my room ;) I made a note to see The Innkeepers when I got home. (I did see it and it was the first horror movie that scared me in a long time - and it's not one of those torture horror movies, I refuse to watch that stuff. I'm not sure if it was scary because I felt like I was there as the location was so familiar, or if it was just plain scary! Watch it if you like horror movies, I really enjoyed it!) (As always with films, don't read the wikipedia page unless you want to spoil the film - I've linked to Rotten Tomatoes, so it's safe to click)

Our room, I'm pretty sure we got the Honeymoon Suite. Evidence of my carry-on bag only policy. I wrote a review of our visit on TripAdvisor but they removed it for breaching the rules. (It was the don't be funny or interesting rule, I think) I'm going to share it here with you guys though. It kind of explains everything.

As we entered the lobby, we noticed another customer looking gloomy with her little hand bag chihuahua. I'm sure she thought it would be more glamorous than this. The haunted hotel decor is a nice touch. As we walked up the stairs we came across a lady dragging her heavy suitcase up the final step. As we passed she said "There's nothing like a Yankee Pedlar"... we paused... "There's more than one?!" we ask. "No" she replied...

That about sums it up.