Photo A Day #111 Across State Lines

Our travel photographs don't need too much explanation today. Just a few state lines to be crossed on the way to Pennsylvania. There were a couple of days like this on our trip, where we'd see 3 or 4 (I think 5 was the record) state lines in one day. It was such a novelty for me, not only having small states that you could pass through quite quickly, but also, that despite the closeness, each state has it's own distinct identity. You can almost see a line in the landscape where one state ends and another begins. I love this about America, it's really special. The constantly changing scenery makes you feel like you're going places, on a real adventure.

We didn't stop in New Jersey, so unfortunately I was only witness to the turnpike traffic jams and industrial estates. There's more to Jersey, right? Maybe next time. On that note, man, the traffic around NYC and Jersey reminded me of being in Sydney. This was definitely the most un-holiday stretch of driving we endured! But it was worth it to get to Pennsylvania, which I'll share next time :)

I know this isn't a "Welcome to Pennsylvania" sign. For some reason there isn't one welcoming you when you arrive from New Jersey. Why, Pennsylvanians? You messed up my sign collecting!