Photo A Day #117 Vivid Sydney Part 1

Sorry it's taken a while to get these photos selected and edited and uploaded for your viewing pleasure. I was in Sydney Harbour the other night to watch a screening of "The Imposter" as my last film for Sydney Film Festival and immediately noticed that all of the light installations are gone. Now the harbour on a weeknight is dreary and rainy and cold. It would be amazing to have Vivid running all the time, there is such a community spirit, and people just get so happy watching the lights. It's a fun time, so remember to come next year if you're in the area. I have so many great pictures, I'm going to spread them over a couple or more posts. Enjoy :)

This huge Tic Tac Toe could be controlled via a little station, so you could play against someone and have it shown to all around. I didn't play, I hate queuing for anything.

This light-up hop scotch was SO much fun. It got pretty grubby as it was raining, so it was covered in mud. I had a few hops on there too. I wasn't as carefree and enthusiastic as this kid, I was so scared I'd slip over and a) get mud on my dress b) embarrass myself c) hurt myself. This kid's going for it, I love it! The squares changes color as you hopped as well, so I felt a bit like Tom Hanks in BIG.

There was a crazy procession of those deep sea fish with the glowing bobble heads that drove past.

It's just me, and the Opera House, you know? This year's projection on the house was pretty minimalist in style. The Opera House was mostly kept white, except they were projecting the tiles back on itself, and they proceeded to ripple, peel and crack off. It was pretty cool. There was also sail-sized people climbing all over it, but somehow I have no pictures of that, sorry!

I'm so proud of my long exposure of the hula-hoop kids in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Yeah, it's a bit blurry, I was using one of those gorilla-pod tripods on wet grass and no shutter remote. But it worked ok. I inadvertently captured the projector's rainbow of light that was putting the below show on >>

This installation was really fun. C snapped it in action. The panels were sound-operated, so depending on how loud you were, the panels opened and closed (full open for the loudest of loud yells) As you can imagine there was all manner of screaming and yelling going on!

There's more to come soon :)