Photo A Day #125 Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania Part 2

The Brandywine museum called to us for a second day running, so we headed back to absorb some more art. When it came to feedin' time, we made a little picnic by the river. It was so peaceful and beautiful. And then the watercraft came. There was a canoe/kayak/dinghy hire shop up the river and they had obviously just catered to a large family group. It was so fun watching all different crew combinations float down the river in various craft. But I did have a favorite. This little boy, who had obviously drawn the short straw and been allowed a single paddle to maneuver his inner tube. He was SO mad! He was causing all kinds of fuss, splashing, kicking and yelling, but his paddle would only send him in circles. I felt mean laughing, but he was so cute! And he learned about physics at the same time.

C didn't feel bad at all about laughing at the kid, he even took pictures of his turmoil.

I know squirrels are commonplace in the states, and even when I lived in London, I saw them all the time. But I still get excited when I see one. Even if it is rifling through the trash!

We had a lovely dinner at a posh restaurant as the sun set. The best part about the dinner was all of the beautiful wildlife roaming around. I saw my first real-life cardinal. I was way more excited than I look in this picture! There was also the most entertaining exchange between two bunnies. The lady bunny kept offering herself to the male bunny, but then when he got close enough, she would hop away. This went on for about, oh, an hour. The male bunny was persistent, the diners were amused and the poor bunnies didn't further the bunny race, at least while we were there.

As we finished eating, C dashed across the road to capture this beautiful cornfield in the perfect golden light. It was simply stunning.

Love, Kitty