Sponsor Kitty & Buck in July?

My goodness, how fast did June fly by? It's already time to talk about July. So lets. July is going be a great month here! There will be more photo-a-days of course, but I also plan on implementing some of the DIYs we discussed in my June goals post. I will be (finally) launching my etsy store (for real).
There will be giveaways, outfits and a top secret travel reportage mission! I can't wait.

You may have noticed that I'm using the Passionfruit Ads service to handle all of my advertising now. It is super easy to use and it allows you to purchase an ad at any time during the month, and if it is sold out, you go into the queue for when the current ad expires. My XL ads are sold out for the month of July, but you can book them for August. Large and small ads are still available and are amazing value. Check out details below or head to my sponsor page.
I've had some amazing support in the bloggy world and Kitty & Buck continues to grow, so if you have a shop or blog that you'd like to show the world, go ahead and grab a spot now :) If you need a hand with designing a button, I'm more than happy to provide design services for a small fee. Just email me at kittyandbuck [at] gmail.com