What I Wore: Berries, Apples and Flowers to a Film

Lately, I've been to the movies a lot! Here are my thoughts. I've linked the film titles to Rotten Tomatoes if you're interested in the reviews from 'real' critics).

I wore this a couple of weeks ago to see Iron Sky with a bunch of guys I used to work with. It was a fun night, there was a mixed reaction to the film, but we mostly agreed it was pretty average. That said... nobody really expects a film about Nazis on the dark side of the moon to be up there with Citizen Kane do they? I enjoyed it, for the silliness factor.

I suppose while I'm sharing movies recently enjoyed, I'll tell you about the others. Dark Shadows. I posted about this here, but didn't say what I thought. I enjoyed the movie, even though it is a distant cry from the original TV series. I love Tim Burton's early work and I'm scared at how far he has drifted from that place. As much as I enjoy watching films with Johnny Depp in them, I always feel a bit hesitant to see the Burton/Depp combo these days. Since I work in TV, I understand that the best plans can be undermined by a producer at any point. So your creative vision can quickly become a steaming pile.

Dark Shadows 'the film' butchered the TV show, it was a completely different tone. But it had some of the old Tim Burton fun leaking through and was fun to watch. It's the best Burton movie since Sweeney Todd (that's not saying a lot). Which was the best since Sleepy Hollow. Anything between, lets not discuss it. My favorite is still Beetlejuice! And I love Depp as Ed Wood too...

Another movie I saw recently was The Avengers. I'm going to go against everyone else I know (except C, we usually agree on these things) and say. Buh-baow. That's like the sound a buzzer on a game show makes when you get the answer WRONG. Self indulgent, naff, boring, cringe-worthy. Is that too harsh? I really felt like everybody who made this movie was just going through the motions. It had NO love inside. Not that I could see anyway. Lazy. Except the poor VFX guys, I know they always work hard.

In anticipation of Prometheus' release, I've been watching the Alien movies again. I realised I've never actually seen the first Alien movie before. The shame. I've remedied that now, and look forward to cramming an imax 3d visit for Prometheus into my schedule soon.

Finally, I have found a moment to watch Lars Von Trier's Melancholia. I really wanted to see it in the cinema, but somehow missed the boat. I watched it at home and almost gave up to be honest, the camera work was a hand-held vomit-fest. (A friend actually puked in the theatre watching this!) But I stuck with it and it was wonderful. It is not a happy movie (duh, it's called Melancholia, and doubly, it's by Lars Von Trier, the king of doom) but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was shot beautifully, and was obviously inspired by the work of one of my favorite directors, Andrei Tarkovsky. The story was also well written and the characters had meaning. Kirsten Dunst was brilliant.

I've also been caught watching:
Escape from New York
Arrietty (watch this!)
Big Trouble In Little China

In the next two weeks, we're going to see:
Moonlrise Kingdom
Beasts of the Southern Wild
at the Sydney Film Festival.

May has been a movie fest and it continues into June! Have you seen any great films lately? I love cinema, it's such a great escape, and especially wonderful if it can make you feel and learn.

Skirt // Zara
Peter Pan Collar Bodysuit // Urban Outfitters (old)
Cardigan // Dangerfield
Tights // Dangerfield
Booties // Diesel (old)
Necklace // c/o Jessica-t
Apple Brooch // Vintage 70's Iron-On Patch (pinned, not ironed!)
Ring // Local Markets