What I Wore - Bugs and Mossy Stones

My, this blouse certainly is popular. I love it, but I hate not being unique (I think this is a weird thing to feel, especially about clothes, especially as a blogger - wait, I'm a blogger? - I might not see anyone with the same outfits in 'real-life' but I guess you narrow your view with blogs and see people who have the same amazing taste as you!) This is one of the reasons why I love vintage clothes, you (often) won't find another item the same. Regardless of this, I adore the print on this blouse, I could stare at all the different bugs for hours. And the collar is really cute!

This turquoise ring is from Tucson (of course), it was made especially for it's original recipient. It's holding my other ring on, which is a beautiful opal and diamond ring, both gifts.

I thought this church was perhaps abandoned, but apparently not. The stairs are all crumbling and covered in moss and lichens. It's really beautiful. The side is covered in graffiti tags, which is a real shame. I don't understand how somebody can 'tag' a beautiful old sandstone building. It really annoys me.

 Bug Blouse // Zara (ebay purchase)
Skirt // Dangerfield
Tights // Generic Black tights (I have no idea)
Rings // Both gifts

I was hunting for a plain black skirt to match the bug blouse, when I found this green one and thought it would be perfect! It's so nice, the only problem is that it creases quite easily, and any form of sitting down relegates it to 'well-worn' status. Oh well... I still like it.