What I Wore - Flocks of Birds

I used to have family picnics at this beach when I was small. I haven't been back in a long time. I remembered there being deer here, but I thought they were all gone. When we went for our picnic though, there was 'evidence' of deer! How amazing to see a deer on the beach?! I've been to a beach a few hours drive south of Sydney with kangaroos on it, but that's another story!

The other week, my dad told me he had three memories of me as a child that are his favorites. One of them is this: I was 2 or 3 years old and we were having a picnic here. I must have been playing in the sand and looked up to see a car identical to my dad's car driving out of the car park and back up the hill. I started running as fast as my little toddler legs could carry me, yelling "Don't leave me daddy! Don't leave me!!"

Meanwhile, my dad was running after me yelling "I'm right here Shelly, I'm behind you, come back!!" It must've been hilarious for onlookers. In my defense, it was the EXACT same make, model and color car, so to a little kid, you know...

My dad loves reminding me of that story, just about every time he sees me. He thinks it's hilarious. It probably is.

Dress // Vintage, found in Sydney, Australia
Cardigan // Urban Outfitters
Belt // Urban Outfitters
Tights // We Love Colors
Shoes // Wanted
Necklace // Made by C from bit n pieces
Ring // Local Markets by my house

I love this dress! The bird print is so pretty, with the pink, yellow and olive green, the colours are perfect! It fits really well and is so comfortable to wear too. It's so nice to wear something that doesn't feel mass produced!

Now for the shoes. What a mission. I tried to order them from Wanted, but they don't ship to Australia. There is a branch of Wanted Shoes in Australia, but with completely different stock. Not a single pair of Oxfords, which I basically live in. The lovely man over at Wanted in the USA apologized that I was unable to have the shoes, but promised me a free pair if I ever move to the USA... Tempting... I might relocate for a free pair of shoes. People have done crazier things, right? In the end, I managed to get them from Amazon, which surprised me because Amazon is usually the most difficult place to have things shipped to Australia form (due to trade restrictions etc) So, happy me! Every time I wear these shoes, people stop me in the street! They are truly a hit. I didn't think they were that out there, but I suppose I don't blend in too well!

I hope you have a great weekend, is there any exciting plans I should know about?