June Goals in Review

Oh boy, June was such a busy month for me! As well as working two jobs (my 'normal' job and this blog! - yes, it IS a second job, the pay is lousy but I love it!) I've been out and about a lot.

It is fairly unusual for me to go out after work every night of the week, but this has been happening. I attended a bunch of films at the Sydney Film Festival, all varying degrees of awesome. I also saw a few non-festival films too! I went to the Etsy Success conference in Sydney and met some amazing people, as well as getting all inspired to get my shop open. I met friends for dinners and drinks, had girls' nights out and generally stayed out late and didn't sleep much. I've also had a very sick cat for the past 4 weeks, so there has been a lot of vet visits and cat-tending happening as well.

This all said and done, lets take a deep breath and re-visit my June goals. It ain't pretty folks.

Be more focused.
Result: Well, I think I have been, I've got a lot of ideas in the works and I feel like I've been able to write with a bit more meaning and thought. I'll say, YES! Goal achieved!

Play my bass every day.
Result: Um... no. Not even once. This makes me angry and sad. Goal number two is heading to my July goals list and being pushed to #1 goal of the month! For the reasons outlined above, I was just too busy. I'll be making time, even if it means sacrificing something else. Goal: failed :(

Create more DIYs and tutorials for the blog.
Result: I'm not sure if you'll believe me, but I have done this! I actually have a cool DIY going up on someone else's blog real soon (I'll let you know of course). I've also created a recipe (posted on 1st July though, does it still count?) I have started a few other tech related ones as well, after your feedback. These will be posted during July. Goal is a work in progress!

Shoot more outfit posts - with items I have made in them.
Um... I made the color in my hair, does that count?
Result: Fail. That time thing again.

Open my Etsy shop.
um. time. time. time.
Fail. BUT. I have got my packaging ideas down and all of the supplies I need to make it happen, so I'm close. So close!

Develop and maintain some kind of fitness routine.
This is going to sound very familiar. I ran out of time. I had a social life last month, who knew? You've gotta take it when you can get it. While it's no replacement for the gym, I did manage to walk a minimum of 4km each weekday, so that's something at least.

I told you I'd be honest. It's pretty terrible that I failed most of my goals. But to look on the positive side, there are solutions. I am going to spend some time thinking about my mad routine and identifying things that I can use to economize my time. Because time is the main issue here. Maybe I'm trying to do too much. But I have some ideas. I'm going to write myself a daily schedule, which is quite strict. I did this when I was at uni, and it worked really well (It had to, I was studying full time and working 3 jobs!) So I'm going to do that. Fingers crossed, July will be more successful, in terms of achieving my goals! I'm not writing any July goals... you can see them above ;)

How did you go with your goals? Did you get them done, or did life get in the way? Don't beat yourself up over it, life is for living, sometimes at least.