June in review

As I mentioned in my June goals recap, I've been a busy bee this past month! July is looking just as crazy. I don't know why I'm so busy, as during these winter months, I'd like to hibernate! But you know, it's all happening, I'm going to just run with it.

Here's a few of my favorite posts from the past month, in case you missed anything:

There's been plenty of great blogging going in June, so I thought I'd also add my favorite posts of June, as featured in each week's Found.

Kris Atomic created an amazing post on photo editing apps for your phone. She has weeded out the bad ones and recommended her top picks (ha!) for amazing photos. Well worth a read if you take pictures on your phone! (I STILL haven't updated my phone so I can't get these apps yet)

Kate shared a great DIY on her blog about making a tote bag from a pretty old pillowcase.

I fell in love with Kate Gabrielle's unicorn bedsheet dress

Amy hosted a "Summer of Self-Love" series

So much more has happened in June, but I'll leave you with that. Do you have any favorite moments from June in your life, or online? Share them below!