On Vacation with Lauren: Tastes Like Love

Hello Kitty & Buck readers, my name is Lauren & ordinarily I blog over at Tastes Like Love about my daily adventures with my husband and friends, fancy folk I come across, my custom portraits and illustrations of cute girls and many other delightful things. I'm super pleased to be guesting posting on Kitty & Buck today while Kitty herself is off on her own adventure, as Kitty & Buck has become a fast favourite of mine! I recently went on an overseas adventure to Fiji with my parents, husband, sister & brother-in-law, which was an amazing experience that I have so many lovely memories of. I also have a couple of not so lovely memories, but they provide an entertaining story non the less!

For Christmas last year my parents gave us all tickets to Fiji for a family holiday, and in the parcel were travel brochures for the resort we were staying at and tours available. Immediately my husband Luke was drawn to the cave tour to see a traditional cannibal oven, which was something he looked forward to three months prior to the trip, so it was definitely something the two of us were going to do. When we got to Fiji we booked the tour for the third day we were there and asked what the appropriate attire would be for the cave tour, and the booking assistant failed to be of any help having not been on the tour herself. Rather than ask another staff member about the tour, we took the booking assistants advice and just wore casual clothes. Super casual clothes. The first part of the tour was traveling to the caves, lunch and a caver ceremony to seek permission to enter the caves. It had been raining the previous week and the ground was quite wet, however it wasn't until we actually approached the cave grounds did we realise how difficult the bush walk was going to be as we were all wearing our trusty Havaiana thongs.

Our feet got stuck in the mud, and my thongs kept unplugging and breaking altogether. One of the tour guides noticed my obvious frustration and kindly enough lent me his Crocs to wear. Now, for those who don't know me personally, I have sworn many times for many years that I would never put my foot in a Croc. And because I was not prepared for adventures while traveling, this was a consequence! I would strongly suggest if you have a specific adventure in mind for your travels, like a cave tour, that you're prepared for the experience by making enquiries and not packing the night before! Next time I embark on a island style holiday I will most definitely be packing reef shoes!

You can read about my Fiji adventures in full here & here. Thanks for having me Shell! I'd love if you'd stop by my blog and say hello!