Photo A Day #140 Holidays and Real Life...

Well, here I am back from my trip. I had a really lovely time, and saw some beautiful sites. I really love Melbourne and always wish for a little more time (and a big truck to bring back all the amazing things I find down there!) The drive to Adelaide was leisurely and scenic. We took the coastal road and soaked up the sights and the Antarctic breeze! Gosh it was cold down there! But there were open fires and electric blankets to keep the cold at bay. I should let the secret out too, while we were away C. popped the question, so he has officially become my fiance, and future husband. We're both really happy and excited! I'll prepare some photos from our trip and share them soon.

Photo by C. - In a Melbourne laneway
Real Life:
While we were away, we found out that Hobbes, our big blue bear-cat, had become much more unwell than when we had left him. About 4 weeks ago he had developed a bit of a rash, which, after many, many tests, was diagnosed as an auto-immune disease triggered by an allergy. We simply needed to stop him from licking (the space-cat helmet) and apply some cream to help it heal. Unfortunately he didn't seem to be getting any better, and on Monday was taken for yet another visit to the vet. After some more tests, they found a very large tumor in his stomach, an aggressive form of cancer that was growing very quickly. He was unlikely to survive surgery to remove the tumor, and his body had started to attack itself, which had caused the rash. His rash has developed into the equivalent of 3rd degree burns over his entire body, and he was in a great deal of pain.

When we arrived home, we had to make the incredibly difficult decision to have him put to sleep. He was 11 years old. We were cuddling him and he purred the whole time. My heart is broken, again, my second kitty to be lost in the past 6 months. Chibi died of kidney failure at the age of 6 last November, due to the neglect she had suffered as a kitten. I think it might be quiet around here for the next few days, I hope you understand. I actually don't think I have accepted that he is gone, and I need a little time to absorb the shock and have a good cry.

Thanks for reading, and I hope I'm back on track soon, I've missed you guys :)