Photo A Day #141 Wildflowers in a Field.

Buddhist Temple south of Sydney - Photo by C.
When I was looking through my old travel photos to share with you while I was away, I turned on my old computer, which has been sitting in the basement for 2 years. I was worried that nothing would work, but it turned on and ran nicely like the good old days. I found a bunch of pictures that I have in reserve. This one may be newer, I can't remember, but it's from a day trip we took to the Buddhist Temple. The buildings are beautiful and it is a peaceful place, but my favorite part was running up the hill beyond the mindfulness bell and hiding in the wildflowers. There's something special about climbing high up on a hill away from all the people down below! I think I will go back there soon, it's so nice to escape from the bustle of everyday life. That is definitely one benefit from my holiday, remembering to take time out.