Photo A Day #144 They Were Rock'n'Roll Dancin'

Today C and finally got around to doing something we've been talking about forever. We had heard through my Aunt that a local club has a band and dancing on a Sunday, so we met her and my Oma for lunch and music. It was so much fun listening to live rock'n'roll music and watching the mostly older couples getting really into their dance moves! Honestly, I don't know where they find the energy! I did swing dancing classes briefly about 18 months ago and it was so much fun :) I think C and I might need to practice in a few years so we can be silver haired rock'n'rollers entertaining a room full of onlookers on a Sunday afternoon. I also got to hear some stories about my oma's childhood which is always a highlight. I love learning new things about my grandparents, I wish I could know every story so I can remember forever...

C took this photo for me, I was a bit scared to get up close in case anyone got embarrassed or annoyed about me taking pictures. You get the idea though I hope!