Photo A Day #145 A Small Thrifty Treat

Gosh it's been a really long time since I found some thrifty treasures. I just haven't been out and about much lately, I've had work/travel and lots of stuff going on at home and I guess I haven't had time. But I did pop into a "Vinnies" the other day (I LOVE that the Australian branch of "St Vincent De Paul Society" has succumbed to colloquialism). I haven't been into this particular store before and it's pretty big with a lot of great stuff! They had two 60's couches in pristine condition, both green. One was velveteen and the other was just a standard 60's furnishing fabric. Both were amazing. Neither would fit in my house :( I picked up these matching West Virginia mugs instead. I love that they have some information on the state as well as a nice illustration on the front depicting the mountains and rivers of West Virginia. This is one of the states I've not yet visited (the shrinking number, I'm past halfway now!) hopefully I make it there on my next USA adventure.