Photo A Day #146 Virginia Part 1

Well let me just start by saying, it has been forever since my last road trip update. I bet you guys thought my trip ended in Pennsylvania?! We're not there yet, today, we enter Virginia!

We drove through Maryland, and I really wanted to stop in Baltimore, just to say hello. But there was no time to get lost in Baltimore. I waved from the bridge though!

Now, I have my West Virginia mugs that I showed you yesterday, and they say that the state bird is the Cardinal. But clearly there is a Cardinal on the Virginia sign. Which is it? Or are you guys sharing state birds? I get it, Cardinals are pretty amazing! I want one as my state bird as well...

As we were driving, we spotted a sign to the final resting place of Stonewall Jackson. As we had stayed with a historian in Montana and listened to all kinds of Civil War stories, and C and I devoured the Ken Burns Civil War documentary series featuring Shelby Foote, I HAD to stop by. I am fascinated by American history. I know there have been some bad times, and the Civil War still upsets and divides people. But I think it speaks of the passion of the American people, and I took the opportunity to witness the place where Stonewall Jackson uttered his last words: "Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees"