Photo A Day # 148 All Work and No Play

I'm just writing an quick update as I am a busy bee at the moment! I'll have something cool to share after the weekend though! I'm doing some little design updates to the blog here and there, and you might have noticed, I've added some additional social media links on the side bar. I've been a bit slack updating everything lately, but I'm getting on top of it. I've also just opened a Pinterest account, which could be dangerous. Feel free to follow the links if you'd like to find me elsewhere on the web.

Also, if you've sent me an email, or a comment that I've not replied to, I'm not ignoring you, I promise. Re-send it if I haven't replied, it might have been lost under the mountain. I've also received 3 (!) Liebster Blog Award nominations in the past 2 weeks, thanks so much to the ladies who tagged me! I promise I will respond soon, I might do a combined post though, because that's a whole lot of questions and answers!

This image is one I took in our hotel in Melbourne. It was one of those last minute 'secret hotel' deals, where you don't find out where you're staying until after it's booked. I was so thrilled to land in this heritage listed building that was originally used by the train service as office space (way back around the turn of the 20th century). I was equally excited when I saw the inside, the carpet isn't right, but it still reminded me of The Shining (the Stanley Kubrick version - the best one!) with it's vast empty hallways. I will definitely stay there next time I'm in Melbourne, it was great.