Photo A Day #149 Natural History Museum

This is me in New York a couple of years back, I made it to The National History Museum after walking all the way from 22nd St. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk, and got to see a lot of the city but arrived right near closing time. When we arrived, the staff at the desk told us if we waited for 10 minutes, we'd be able to come in for free as it was past the time of day where they charge you to enter. After seeing so many movies featuring this museum, it was pretty exciting to go inside. We had to be quick but I managed to see the whale, the dioramas and the dinosaurs, so it was a pretty successful trip. I seem to have what I like to call a "Road Trip Pouch" in this photo. A little belly full of all the free breakfasts, diner food and sweet treats that go along with sitting in a car for ages! haha. This visit wasn't from my recent road trip I've been blogging about, a little earlier we did a trip where we drove from LA - Seattle via Reno and there was a little visit to New York as well. I learned here that I grew up with the T-Rex angled wrong. It would have been impossible for him to walk upright, he actually walked more horizontal, using his tail as a cantilever to his head. So there you go. This guy isn't the T-Rex, obviously. I'm pretty sure this one is a vegetarian.

Photo by C.