Photo A Day #154 Hollywood Theatre

Sometimes I think it would be fun to travel about, taking photos of things that you can't take home, like a visual collection. I already do this to some extent with signage and typography, but this picture made me think of collecting things named "Hollywood" that may or may not have anything to do with the sparkly place. (FYI - I've been there and there was nothing tinsel-y about it that I saw)

Anyway, collecting Hollywood named-things is waaay down the bottom of my list, but here's one to get you started on the theme. Another is a dive-bar, now hip, called Hollywood Hotel in Sydney and it definitely has a 'real-life' Hollywood vibe.

Place: Hollywood Theatre - Portland, Oregon
Why: To see a random H.P. Lovecraft film

Do you collect photos of things that you can't keep? Or am I the only strange one?


p.s. Sorry if it sounds like I'm picking on Hollywood, maybe it's really nice, but when I went it seemed run-down and sad. There were some great vintage shops though!