Photo A Day #157 This is not how I remember...

Goodness. I'm running late (again) That Liebster post took it out of me! But here it is, the photo of the day. But first, I just wanted to let you know, I have a guest post up on Modern Buttercup today. Since Nat has gone camping, I thought I'd do a Moonrise Kingdom inspired camping post. Please go take a look at Nat's blog, I had so much fun writing the post for her!

Now, onto the photo. C and I went wandering to a spot that we've both been to before, but not for many years. The last time I was here, there was a pier over the sand, quite a lot of sand, actually. Even at high tide. Today. Water. ALL the way up to the footpath along the beach. I have no idea when this happened, or why. It really freaked me out that the whole place is completely different. I'll have to find a more regular visitor and try and find out what happened. Regardless of the strange amount of water, the sunset was beautiful.

As we approached the water, we walked through a park and there was a group of kids playing on a baseball diamond, with a ghetto blaster playing music. (not a common sight in Australia AT ALL) We walked past the indoor basketball court and there were some young teenage girls doing their best to perfect a cheerleading stack. Complete with gold lycra pants. It was a completely surreal 15 minutes today!