Photo A Day #159 Draw Your Own Book Cover

I don't like to be negative here, but I do like to be honest. So... here goes. I had an awful day today. I won't go into details but lets just say it involved a tearful call to C from work. Nuff said. So when I got home, he had a little surprise for me. I'm not one to advocate presents for cheering up, but this was really thoughtful. Firstly, there was a nice dinner waiting for me once I got home from the gym (mushroom fritatta in case you're wondering) Secondly, I was presented with this book:

Apparently the cover wasn't so crash hot and it was the only edition they had available in store, so C covered it in brown paper, with some pretty details inside, and it's my job to draw my own cover!

So I'm going to read all about Tom Sawyer an Huck Finn (I have never read these!!) and consider our discussion today. Perhaps it is time to make a polka dot bindle and be good old-fashioned hobos (adventurers) on the road together ;)