What I Wore - Jackalope Sunset

It seems like forever ago that I posted this picture of Monty the Jackalope. Sorry it's taken me such a long time to post these outfit photos, life has been getting in the way!

Honestly, this dress is so comfortable, I wear it ALL the time. I might need to invest in a couple more colors. The fabric is nice and thick and the dress itself falls so nicely, but it's not constrictive in any way, so it's almost like wearing trakkies (Aussie slang for sweats) but it looks waaay more fabulous!

I know these shoes are called "Levels of Fun" so I'm going to go out on a limb (ha!) and say, these shoes are SO fun! I'm already moderately tall, so they boost me up to 6ft +, which is pretty hilarious. And the color! It's surprisingly versatile, I wear these with a lot of outfits. The remaining images, well, they're just silly.

Tights // underneath - We Love Colors in Pastel Mint
Tights // top layer - Urban Outfitters (old)
Earrings // Gift
Bow // A little shop in Chinatown

Lovely photos by C.