Found #22

This post on My Modern Met took my breath away. I am so happy that these beautiful libraries exist, and I now absolutely MUST go to Austria. Incredible. Do you think they'll let me stay there, in the library? Forever? Everything else I 'Found" this week pales in comparison. But read on if you must ;)

National Library in Vienna, Austria image via My Modern Met
Abbey Library in Admont, Austria image via My Modern Met
Abbey Library in St. Florian, Austria image via My Modern Met
Let me start this one by saying, the 'after' isn't to my taste, but I do like the price tag on the refurb of this airstream, and it's different from any I've seen! It makes the whole campervan around the USA thing seem slightly more affordable.

via: Design Sponge

These mosaic steps in San Fransisco are beautiful. It's so sweet when urban environments are given a little (or a lot of) love! 
 image: via: Bored Panda

These aerial beach photos by Gray Malin are surreal. I like the colors and compostion, but I also have an aversion to art/photography/anything that is completely reliant on copious amounts of cash to achieve the end result (i.e. having access to a helicopter to take images, does most of the hard work for you) Anyway. I'll be nice. I do like the result.

both beach images via: Maison Gray

Blog post of the week: Eating for Energy @ Kyla Roma (this is more than a week old, but I am so far behind in reading any blog posts. This is the best one I've read this week!)

I resembled blanket-head Kyla very closely this week! Image via: Kyla Roma
I loved reading this post, it's stuff that I know (knew) and have not been using in practice for a while now. It's a timely reminder as I reach the tail-end of winter feeling tired and sluggish. I'm going to get ready for salad-season, now! And hopefully win some energy at the same time :)

Hello! Weekend.