Found #25 Dark and Bright

C and I have been impressed by Polish movie posters for some time now. This week he discovered this website that sells prints of a variety of Polish designs. For some reason, Polish movie posters tend to stray from the studio artwork and are instead amazing artworks with a distinct style. Even huge Hollywood films receive the treatment. One day I want to go to Poland and buy a bunch. But you know, I guess I could get them from the Polish poster website. It's not quite the same though. This one is for the film The Forest.

The current collection from Micaela Greg is beautiful. I love this cardigan, it looks so nice and snuggly!

Nightfall Cardigan via: Micaela Greg

I love a plain black skirt to put with some colored leggings, this one from Modcloth is pretty cool!

Midnight Rocker Skirt via: Modcloth

This magical necklace popped up on etsy this week. Often my necklaces look a bit like this, but not intentionally... Erm... But. I really love the way the stone is captured in the tangle (crocheted tangle) of chain. It's a really interesting piece.

Fluorite Amulet via: fort

A dress with hot air balloons? Well. I'm there! It's so cute and I love the vintage cut as well.
Fantastical Voyage Dress via: Modcloth

I spotted these designs by Brie Harrison a little while ago now. I love the colors in this cushion, just beautiful!

Again with this necklace! Spotted a while ago, just sharing now. It reminds me of my bakelite cherry necklace and bracelet from the 1930's. I'm pretty sure that's why I love it. And it's fruit in necklace form, what's not to love?
via: Modcloth

Blog post of the week:

This week's post comes from Tick Tock Vintage. It's a sponsor call, of the best kind! Veronika usually uses her sponsorship money to purchase learning supplies for her students. This month she has shared her Amazon wish list for the supplies she is after and asked potential sponsors to choose an item/s from the list in order to 'earn' an ad spot. Needless to say, I was in! I've been wanting to sponsor her blog for ages now, and this was the perfect excuse! I bought some books for the kids and it felt good :) If you're looking for blogs to sponsor, consider checking this incentive out, it goes to a good cause!

I had to take the day off work to go to the dentist today. I'm not sure if anyone has ever had electrical currents passed through the nerves of their teeth to check if the teeth are alive? It's not exactly pleasant :( I have an appointment with the dental surgeon in about two weeks to have some wisdom teeth extracted. better out than in, but not looking forward to it! Other than that, this weekend holds a bunch of photography, stocking up my shop and spending time with my boy! Do you have any plans? I hope you have a great time, whatever you do :)