Kitty & Buck on Etsy

Well then, I warned you it would happen (eventually), and I've finally done it. My Etsy store is open for business!!! Currently there is not a huge amount of stock available, but I plan on adding it step by step instead of trying to create everything in one big hit. Right now, you'll find some limited edition hair bows, which I have lovingly (read- slowly) sewn from vintage fabric remnants. Many are 1-or-2-of-a-kinds, due to the rarity of the fabric that I've been able to source. I also have a range of color-blocked bows which are made with new 100% cotton and can be custom ordered in your color preference.

The entire store isn't going to be about hair bows. But it is for now. I have a big stack of incredible fabric ready and waiting in the wings, and I'll be adding new items and product ranges as I'm able to create them. I've also got my hands on some amazing vintage jewelery-makings, which I'm dying to get created and into the shop! I'm bursting with ideas, my only shortfall in the process is time, so - slow and steady, I'll introduce new precious things. If you'd like to check it out, just click. Here.


p.s. Once I have built up my stock a little, I'll be doing a little promotion on this here blog, and you know, maybe throwing some freebies and discounts your way!