Photo A Day #163 Knit-In

Today was the 10th and final annual knit-in, an event where knitters from around Australia gather together and knit squares to create warm wraps for disadvantaged people suffering from extreme cold.

I was expecting lots of nannas, which there were, but there was a good showing of people of all ages, and a smattering of males in the crowd as well. There were some school groups helping out, and a cute huddle of school boys, busily knitting away. There's always a nice vibe when a bunch of people get together to do something charitable.

I noticed some friendly competition between some groups of ladies, who stayed back after the event was done, in order to raise the number of squares they had knitted!

I overheard someone say the sheep were from Wellington in New Zealand. One was shorn on stage (I missed that!) with the wool then being spun into yarn as the knitters looked on. There was even a sheepdog to keep the sheep in check, and he was having a stern word with the naked sheep, who was not to happy about being the only sheep on stage in the buff. (Can you see the lamb too? It had on a woolen jumper as it didn't have much wool of it's own and might have been cold!)