Photo A Day #166 The Tree Of Life

Tonight I finally watched Terrence Malick's film, Tree of Life. I wasn't really sure what to expect after reading quite a few perplexed reviews, but I really enjoyed it. It was like an Andrei Tarkovsky film crossed with an Andrew Wyeth painting.

We stumbled across a different kind of film yesterday, called video catnip. Yes, Video. Catnip. Let's say, we were dubious. There was that one time we walked in on Nico mesmerised by a documentary on how kibbles and bits are made. But generally, you know, my cats aren't encouraged to watch TV. Oh, actually, Nico does LOVE the discovery channel, especially when there's a 'big cats' show on. I'm pretty sure anything with people is supremely boring to her, and anything to animals is amazing. Well... I'm off track. Malick has broken my brain.

We put on this film called video catnip, and Nico lost her mind. Then Maggie raced in, thinking it was brushing time due to the noises Nico was making. And then they both attacked the television. It's just a home video of squirrels and birds. I have no idea how my Australian cat knows what a squirrel is. Her new favorite, we thought, until we put Tree Of Life on. The scenes of abstract landscapes and space, completely drew her in and she was as excited as these as she was about the video some dude shot in his backyard. Go figure.